Isuzu N-series with body Truck

Isuzu Van Refrigerator 4x2
Van Refrigerator 4×2
Isuzu Refuse Truck 4x2
Refuse Truck 4×2
Isuzu Crane, Cargo 4x2
Crane, Cargo 4×2
Isuzu Cargo Truck 4x2
Cargo Truck 4×2
Isuzu Tanker 4x2
Tanker 4×2
Isuzu Wrecker Winch 4x2
Wrecker Winch 4×2
Isuzu Cesspit Emptier 4x2
Cesspit Emptier 4×2
Isuzu Power Tailgate 4x2
Power Tailgate 4×2
Isuzu Aerial Platform 4x2
Aerial Platform 4×2
Isuzu Dump 4x2
Dump 4×2
Isuzu Dump 4x2
Dump 4×2
Isuzu Road-Sweeper 4x2
Road-Sweeper 4×2

Everything You need

Isuzu’s legendary chassis comes equipped with a constant width and wide tread on the rear axle and long span leaf springs most suited to truck body installation. A complete cab makes body installation to individual tastes even simpler. A variety of high-quality truck bodies can be sourced from Japan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and India with an option of knocked down body kits to be conveniently assembled at your local